What is ALBION milk lotion?

Applying milk lotion first thing after washing the face is ALBION's tried and tested recommendation. This method ensures freshly washed skin is quickly replenished with what it wants most. In perfecting its skincare, ALBION has gone beyond the boundaries of conventional rules and thinking. Beauty delivered by ALBION begins with milk lotion, a procedure that hasn't changed since the company was established.

What is Miracle?

What makes so many ALBION users so beautiful?
Once you start using ALBION Milk Lotion, you’ll soon find it irreplaceable. Why? Because it is a “Miracle Milk” that has miracles in store for your skin.

Replenishing the skin with what it needs, in order of need

The way to achieve ideal beauty, complete with clarity
and suppleness, is to replenish the skin with what it needs at just the right moment.

"Well-balanced moisture" is what the skin needs most after washing

ALBION milk lotions are designed not to coat the skin's surface but to condition the stratum corneum moisture balance.
This is why they are formulated to resemble the moisture balance of the stratum corneum in a healthy condition.

Healthy moisture balance
of the stratum corneum

ALBION milk lotion

Replenishing freshly washed skin with the moisture it needs is the most helpful in tervention to soften the skin, facilitating the permeation of skincare products to follow.

Freshly washed, clean skin

Skin replenished with moisture

* Schematic illustration

Three Miraculous Effects

ALBION Milk Lotion is designed to optimize the three “M”s of Moisture, Modeling and Mind, delivering with every use miraculous benefits not only to your skin but also to your facial contours and mind.

The Balance of Moisture
Grade up your skin quality by optimizing the moisture balance
The Balance of Modeling
Each application brings greater plumpness & ideal shape
The Balance of Mind
Applying milk lotion is a beauty tip for the skin as well as for your mind.

The skin requires three pumps of moisture

ALBION milk lotions are designed to thoroughly moisturize not just the surface of the skin but the whole stratum corneum, which can have as many as 10 layers. This is why three pumps (one teaspoonful) of milk lotion are required for each application.

* Schematic illustration

Apply with a cotton pad for thorough delivery to all corners of the stratum corneum

The skin's surface is finely grained and covered with pores. Using a cotton pad to apply milk lotion ensures even, efficient delivery of humectants to all corners of the stratum corneum, making the product much more effective than if it were applied with the hands.

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