Cotton Lesson

Learning the correct and most effective way to apply milk lotion is the first step toward beautiful skin

Holding the cotton pad

Learn how to hold the pad correctly.

Slip the cotton pad between the index and middle fingers of your non-dominant hand.
Take three pumps (one teaspoonful) of milk lotion onto the pad.
Hold the pad with your dominant hand, grasping it lightly around the middle finger.

Applying the milk lotion

Gently massage the product into the skin, using slow, circular movements.

Distribute the milk lotion across the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.
Start from the cheeks, working outward and upward using a slow and gentle spiraling motion.
Go very gently around the delicate eye area. Work outward from the center when applying to the forehead.
Apply especially thoroughly to the wings of the nose, around the mouth, and other areas prone to roughness.
Apply to the jawline, starting from the skin under the chin and working toward the back of the ears as if to envelop the jawline, thoroughly working the product into the skin.
* Repeat until the product has been absorbed into the skin.

Best companion to milk lotion

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