What is ALBION
Skin Conditioner?

Nicknamed "SkiCon" in Japan, Skin Conditioner is a long-selling skin lotion that has been much loved by customers since debuting in 1974. Skin Conditioner's commitment to skincare has resulted in its unrivalled feel of use and exceptional hydrating sensation. ALBION's proud masterpiece, Skin Conditioner will continue its evolution toward providing greater skincare benefits.

What is Job's tears seed?

Job's tears or Coix (Coix lacryma-jobi) is a grain grown in the warmer parts of Asia. When husked and powdered, the seed becomes the Chinese traditional medicine Yi Yi Ren (Yokuinin in Japanese), a nutritious substance employed in food products, beverages and topical medicines for its expected benefits as an analeptic as well as in the relief of arthritis- and gout-related pain. Being very particular about its ingredients, ALBION has chosen Kitanohato, a hardy variety of Job's tears developed through years of research to withstand the cold climate of Hokkaido in northern Japan. Skin Conditioner delivers the goodness of this vitality-rich ingredient to your skin.

Coix lacryma-jobi's (Job's tears')
action on skin

It supports the skin's self-recovery by rectifying its metabolic rhythm

- Corneous cells do not mature, and the barrier function of the stratum corneum declines

With an over-active corneous cell metabolism
- Skin is easily irritated
- Easily flushed
- Pimples form easily
- Makeup doesn’t go on well

- Has moisture retention ability
- Corneous cell metabolism and melanin breakdown run smoothly
- Cell generation runs smoothly

With a normal corneous cell metabolism

- Has no moisture retention ability
- Melanin breakdown is disrupted

With a sluggish corneous cell metabolism
- Lacks firmness and luster
- Easily gets dull
- Dries out easily
- Fine wrinkles are visible
- Makeup doesn’t go on well
- Spots and freckles are visible

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Skin Conditioner is an "active" skin lotion designed to promote healthy skin by supporting the skin's inherent ability to restore itself.

Refreshing and cooling to use, Skin Conditioner supports skin functions to promote well-moisturized, healthy skin. Skin Conditioner self-optimizes its skincare benefits for individual skin conditions, which makes it a dependable skin companion for all seasons and age groups, anytime and for anyone pursuing true beauty. Start by experiencing the six skincare benefits that make Skin Conditioner such an indispensable product.

Combats roughness:
Firms and moisturizes skin prone to dryness.
Refines the skin for greater brightness.
Soothes the skin after sun or snow exposure:
Cools down flushed skin.
Tightens the skin:
Improves the staying power of makeup.
Prevents breakouts:
Removes excess sebum and stickiness.
Promotes dewy skin:
Hydrates the skin with a refreshing, pleasant feel of use.

Active ingredient: Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate