The key to “eternal beauty”

Enriched treatment transforms all the damaged cells to be sensationally revitalized with full of beauty.

Devised with cutting-edge science, EMBEAGE powerfully resists factors that affect the skin negatively, swiftly awakening beauty from its slumber. Unrivalled sensations, textures, superior mechanisms and entirely new* ingredients—EMBEAGE is special in every way, refined and fine-tuned in every way possible to achieve timeless beauty.

* To ALBION products

Republic of Madagascar

Madagascar is located in the western Indian Ocean. The island was separated from Gondwanaland about 160 million years ago.

Free of the influence of other areas, ancient genes and families have evolved independently. Many indigenous species that are found nowhere else on the globe still exist on this mysterious island. ALBION conducted a five-year search and found three plants, Centella asiatica, Perichlaena richardii and White ginger lily - The handpicked active ingredients original to EMBEAGE have definite skin benefits for eternal beauty.

Common active ingredients from Madagascar

Centella asiatica extract (Centella asiatica leaf extract)

Has a wide variety of anti-aging effects, including anti-inflammatory effects. ALBION’s research has found that it activates the DHEA* -synthesizing enzyme and promotes DHEA production.

*DHEA - a precursor of more than 50 types of adrenal cortex hormones. Also exists in skin tissue.

Perichlaena richardii extract (Perichlaena richardii flower/leaf extract)

Has anti-aging properties, including cell growth promotion and immune activation. ALBION’s research has found that it suppresses aging genes.

White ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium flower extract)

Containing polyphenol, tannin and geraniol, it has purifying and sedative effects. ALBION’s research has found that it activates longevity genes.

Series features

Transform all cells into super revitalizing ageless cells to achieve eternal beauty
Works on the powerful cell activator DHEA, as well as genes related to cell aging, to achieve forever healthy youthful beauty.

Outstanding sensuality and texture
The luxurious feel on the skin derived from the rich texture combined with a fragrance that awakens your sense of beauty makes your skincare routine a blissful experience.

Every item is special
A remarkable treatment, with each and every product a special item that delivers definite premium skin benefits.