eclafutur - Cell Conditioner that brings "Beauty" and "Radiance"

Cell Conditioner that brings "Beauty" and "Radiance"

The advanced science to quickly and assuredly reach all the damaged cells

Healthy cells brings winter beautiful skin

Skin consists of many types of cells. For healthy, beautiful skin, it is important for each and every cell that makes up the skin to function at its very best. However, irregular lifestyle and nutrition’s imbalance etc in our everyday life caused damages to cells. With the cold, try winter weather, it leads to all sorts of skin troubles.

"Nanocesta BL"

eclafutur repairs the demaged cells to deliver "Nanocesta BL"* techology.

"Nanocesta BL", which has a very strong ability to repair cells and penetrate skin, spreads quickly throughout the skin and instantly repairs cells. It restores the functions of each individual cell, creating healthy, beautiful skin.

*Nanocesta, consists of polymers with both a hydrophilic and lipophilic nature that intertwine like balls of yarn to form spherical, richly flexible micelles. We conjoined cell repair ingredients to these micelles to form “Nanocesta BL.”

Selected plant ingredients have great cell repair effect

Ryukyu Ganebu
Ryukyu Ganebu contains large amounts of polyphenol and has powerful anti-oxidant properties. It eliminates active oxygens inside the cells and repairs damage to cellular organelles.

Cupuacu Butter 
Cupuacu Butter has the same composition as cells, wraps around the damage in cells and repairs it. It normalizes the movement of substances into and out of the cell.

Repair your cell soon after cleansing