Summer Whitening Care - EXCIA

What is Pre-emptive whitening ?

“Pre-emptive whitening” is:
A proactive whitening approach to block melanin production induced by exposure of skin to UV rays by boosting the “attacking” function of Langerhans cells.

EXCIA Whitening Brilliancy Serum and EXCIA Whitening Immaculate Essence IDD -
two powerful approaches deliver complete brightness.
The perfect items to start advanced whitening skincare.

Synergetic effects of pre-emptive whitening and kojic acid EX achieve an unprecedented level of brightness and impart brilliance and whiteness to skin.

Whitening Brilliancy Serum

This powerful essence strengthen the skin and block the melanin production induced by exposed to UV radiations, create brightness and firm skin.

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28 days Intensive Whitening Essence immediately offers unprecedented whitening effect.

Whitening Immaculate Essence IDD
Intensive 28-day care for persistent and firm skin.
This intensive essence targets existing dark spots with our exclusive technology and ingredient, Koji acid IDD.

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Step 1 Cleansing (Cleanser & Face wash)
(From left to right)
Joy Grace Cleansing Oil 180ml
Cell Clarity Watery Cleaning Cream 150g
Cell Clarity Essence Foam 150ml

Step 2 - Softening (Milk Lotion)
(From left to right)
Whitening Rich Milk SV 200g
Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV 200g

Step 3 Refining (Lotion)
Whitening Lotion SV 200ml

Step 4 Activating (Serum or Cream)
(From left to right)
Whitening Brilliancy Serum 40ml
Whitening Eternal Stem Nova Cream 30g

Special Care
Whitening Immaculate Essence IDD 1.5ml x 28vials