Skin Conditioner, A True Beauty Legend

A True Beauty Legend

Since 1974, the legendary lotion that strengthens your skin beautifully

Regulating skin turnover is the key to healthy and strong skin not affected by the environment outside and inside. Skin Conditioner keeps skin in well-hydrated and healthy condition by special recipe made with Special Recipes.

Special Recipes

Concentrated Coix lacryma-jibi (Job’s tears) extract
An annual grass in the Poaceae family. It uses the “Kita-no hato” variety of Coix lacryma-jobi (Job’s tears). This is an active ingredient original to Skin Conditioner that contains concentrated quantities of effective ingredients.

It normalizes corneous cell metabolism , enhances skin’s self-recuperative capacity, restores metabolic rhythm to a normal state, brings healthy, trouble-free strong skin .

Aesulus hippocastanum extract

An extract derived from the fruits or leaves of the Aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut), a plant in the Hippocastanaceae family.

Its anti-inflammatory effect can calm inflammation and wards off problems, achieves strong skin.

Hamamelis virginiana extract

An extract derived from the leaves of the Hamamelidaceous plant, Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel).

Its astringent effect can tight the pores , and increases moisture retention of the skin. Makes capillaries strong.

Summer is likely to occur a skin inflammation under the influence of strong UV rays, and sebum secretion becomes active under the influence of the summer high temperature, it becomes easy out oil, and tend to open pores. Use Skin Conditioner "Paper Mask" as special care in morning and night leads to firm and strong beautiful skin.

Morning Mask
Morning Mask can fully replenish moisture, translucent skin will last the entire day. Pores are tightened and less likely to collapse makeup. And T-zone’s pores are also tightened and less oily.

Night Mask
Night Mask can repair day’s skin damage by the UV rays and air conditioning in high moisturizing. Reset the skin damage, tightens the pores, bring fine skin texture and translucent skin.

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