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A rapid and direct delivery system

Nanocesta BL*1
Representing an advanced drug delivery technology applied to cosmetics, Nanocesta BL is a proprietary ingredient developed by ALBION to efficiently deliver select botanical extracts to inside the skin.
*1 Vitis ficifolia leaf extract, Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, Oligopeptide-56 amide PEG-75 methyl ether (moisturizers)

Approx. 50 nanometers (0.00005 mm).
An amazingly small-sized particle that is smaller than the diameter of a human capillary vessel.

Polymers become entangled, like a ball of yarn, to form a micelle. Being very flexible, the Nanocesta can penetrate the skin readily and easily.

For brilliant skin now and in the future, painstakingly selected active ingredients

“Miracle grape with strong vitality”
Vitis ficifolia var. ganebu hatus
(Vitis ficifolia leaf extract*2)

Vitis ficifolia var. ganebu hatus is an extremely hardy variety of wild grape that grows on Tonaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, amid a harsh environment characterized by strong ultraviolet rays and sea winds. The plant is rich in resveratrol, a type of polyphenol. Vitis ficifolia leaf extract is a moisturizer taken from the leaf.

A “divine gift”
Cupuacu butter
(Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter*2)

Theobroma grandiflorum grows exclusively in headwater areas of the Amazon and belongs to the cocoa family. The fruit of the tree is locally referred to as a “divine gift” for its rich nutrients. Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter obtained by pressing the seeds is a moisturizer with a superior skin-penetrating property.

*2 moisturizer
・The images are for illustrative purposes only.

Product information

This serum hydrates the skin to protect it from external environments, while providing proactive support to enable the skin to achieve its optimal condition.
While quickly penetrating and infusing moisture into every corner of the stratum corneum with a dewy sensation, it promotes skin’s natural and healthy functions and reveals plumped, fine-textured and firm skin.

elcafutur (Serum)
¥10,000 (tax excluded) | 40ml
[Refill ¥9,500 (tax excluded)]
¥14,000 (tax excluded) | 60ml
[Refill ¥13,500
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