Skin Conditioner 2017

Only the most superior Job's Tears are used to make our best-selling Skin Conditioner for healthy and radiant skin.

From applying the first drop, a sensation of comfort and well-being infuses the skin with healthy hydration and renewed natural balance.

Three Secrets

Secret #1 - Selective Source

Skin Conditioner uses Kita-no hato, the only Job's Tears variety that is authorised to take on the scientific name Coix lacryma-jobi. It is an active ingredient that is cultivated and harvested in Hokkaido, and used only in ALBION Skin Conditioner which contains concentrated quantities of the effective ingredient.

It regulates cell renewal and metabolism , and enhances the skin’s ability to self-recuperate to promote strong, healthy, and trouble-free skin .

Secret #2 - Superior Formula

For the Job's Tears extract used in Skin Conditioner, a process called "Bakusai" or "Blasting" is carried out. This process designed to extract concentrated amounts of effective ingredients. This enables the extraction of a concentrated extract that exerts outstanding effects on the skin.

Its unique structure of a "Double Character Oil" lines up evenly, thus carrying generous quantities of moisture into the inside of the skin and forming a thin protective coat on the skin’s surface. This gives the Skin Conditioner its silky texture.

Secret #3 - Sensational Addiction

This special texture delivers a pleasantly fresh sensation. From applying the first drop to the skin, a sensation of comfort and well-being hydrates the skin with a healthy and renewed natural balance.

A True Beauty Legend