The Key To Eternal Beauty

The Key To Eternal Beauty

Discover the new revolution, where skin cells are perfected and transformed to Super Revitalised Ageless Cells

A special treatment series that transforms all the damaged cells into super revitalised ageless cells.

Devised with cutting-edge science and technology, EXCIA EMBEAGE powerfully resists factors that lead to cellular and skin aging, and swiftly awakens skin cells to a youthful state.

Unrivalled sensations, each product delivers silky comfort and astounding benefits to address different skin conditions to achieve timeless beauty.

Republic of Madagascar

The world's fourth largest island, Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean, southeast of the African continent. In ancient times, the island was part of the supercontinent of Gondwana 160 million years ago. Though it has evolved independently since, Madagascar still retains many unique species of flora and fauna not found anywhere else on Earth.

Very rare ingredients from the island of Madagascar are used in EXCIA EMBEAGE to awaken skin cells to super revitalised ageless state.

Rare Botanical Active Ingredients found only in Madagascar

Extract of Talapetraka from Madagascar

A plant belonging to the Apiaceous family, the leaves are handpicked during a short harvest season in October to December annually, and quickly dried within 24 hours. This unique specimen that grows in Madagascar's Perinet Special Reserve is smaller and differs in shape from the more common Centella Asiatica found elsewhere in the world.

Extract of Antsemby from Madagascar

Belonging to the Bignoniaceae family of plants, the flowers and leaves are dried within 24 hours after being handpicked. The plant grows naturally in Northern Madagascar Ankarana Special Reserve, and is noted for its flame-like flowers.

Extract of White Ginger Lily from Madagascar

Belonging to the Zingiberaceae family of plants, the flowers are frozen within 24 hours after being handpicked. Growing naturally in Madagascar's Perinet Special Reserve, it is valued for its elegant and fragrant white blossoms as vibrant coloured flowers are more common in tropical climates.

Features of Embeage

Transforms All Cells into Super Revitalised Ageless Cells
Works on a powerful cell activator called DHEA, as well as genes related to cell aging to achieve eternal beauty.

Divine Scent and Texture
The luxurious feel on the skin combined with the sophisticated scent that uplifts your spirit makes your skincare regime a blissful experience.

A Unique Special Treatment Line
Every item is a special treatment that delivers astounding skin benefits to reborn the cells with a robust vitality.

EMBEAGE MILK (Milk Lotion)