EXAGE White Generate

Unravel the cause of melanin to reveal exceptionally brighter skin.

Its double action qualities acts on tough melanin which prevents skin brightening. It also provides whitening on all layers of the skin, creating an evenly brightened skin tone.

Spring has finally sprung! We tend to spend more time outdoors when the weather is warmer.

However, at the beginning of spring, when ultraviolet rays increase more rapidly than at any other time of the year, your skin is still experiencing the delayed effect of winter's harsh weather and is defenseless against ultraviolet rays, causing freckles to develop on your skin.

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Product Features

1. Deep whitening in all layers of the epidermis

The whitening of the epidermal cells found within the epidermis layers intensifies the light reflected off the entire epidermis, thus brightening the skin upon immediate application. Corneous cell whitening and inner whitening instantly gives the skin its translucency.

2. Normalize and whiten "Tangled Melanin"

Due to its compound of five key ingredients that contain strong reducing abilities, White Generate untangles and reduces melanin by inhibiting oxidation inside melanosomes- the source of stubborn freckles. Therefore making the skin brighter than ever!


Golden silk extract
Extracted from golden cocoons produced by rare silkworms, this substance contains abundant amounts of amino acids.

Tranexamic acid
An amino acid.

Rhodomyrtus tomentosa fruit extract
Extracted from the fruit of Rhodomyrtus Tomentosa, an evergreen plant in the Myrtaceae family.

Highly radiant aminosaccharides
Sugar of a much smaller molecular size.

Gentiana lutea extract
Extracted from the root of Gentiana lutea, a subalpine species of the gentian plant family.

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