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eclafutur d

A rapid and direct delivery system - Nanocesta EX

Quick and direct delivery of active ingredients to the core of beautiful skin - Nanocesta EX*1 is a proprietary ingredient developed by ALBION to efficiently deliver select botanical extracts to inside the skin.

*1 Vitis ficifolia leaf extract, Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, Oligopeptide-56 amide PEG-75 methyl ether (moisturizers)

Approx. 50 nanometers (0.00005 mm).
An amazingly small-sized particle that is smaller than the diameter of a human capillary vessel.

Polymers become entangled, like a ball of yarn, to form a micelle. Being very flexible, the Nanocesta can penetrate the skin readily and easily.

Carefully selected ingredients

Vitis ficifolia var. ganebu hatus
An extract from the leaves of “Vitis ficifolia var. ganebu hatus,” a wild grape grown on the Okinawan island of Tonaki.

Cupuacu butter
A fatty oil taken from the seeds of the “Cupuacu,” a peer of cacao that is cultivated deep in the Amazon.

Benefits of eclafutur d

Add one extra step to your usual skincare routine

How to use
Use after face wash.
Take 2 or 3 pumps on the palm and massage into the entire face.