High-Spec Beauty - ELEGANCE

Discover a NEW YOU

With a new high-spec base makeup from ELEGANCE


Modeling Color Base EX UV
(Color-correcting Primer)

A primer for correcting skin tone and skin concerns.
Also offers reliable UV protection for keeping skin clarity intact.

How to use
Use two 7mm-pearl-sized amounts for the entire face.
Spread evenly from the cheeks to the entire face.

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Flimic Skin EX
(Liquid Foundation)

High-function liquid foundation offering flim-thin,flawless coverage for a glidingly smooth finish with superior UV protection and staying power.

How to use
Shake the bi-phase liquid well before each use.
Use a 7mm-pearl-sized amount for the entire face.
Apply thinly around the eyes, lips and T-zone.

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With luxurious finishing face powder - La Poudre

La Poudre - a face powder series that debuted in 1990.
Combined with five perfect mixed colors, it brings the never-seen-before clarity to any skin tone.

Available in a choice of four combinations for achieving your ideal complexion.

For purity and elegance
I  Stylish, noble, handsome and lucid
Ⅵ  Light, soft and sweet

For brilliance and vigor
Ⅳ  Airy and delicately luminous
Ⅴ  Energetic, healthy and brilliant

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