ALBION - Brightening foundation WHITENISTA

A foundation with serious whitening benefits

Achieves the look of fine-textured, smooth, bright and pore-free* skin.

 (Whitening Foundation)
 30ml 6 shades ¥6,000 (Tax excluded)
 SPF30 PA++ Quasi drug

*Visual effect created by makeup
* Whitening refers to skincare aimed at curbing melanin production and preventing UV-induced spots and freckles.
*SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and PA (Protection Grade of UVA) are international ratings of ultraviolet ray protection for sunscreen, measured by applying sunscreen to a thickness of 2 mg per 1 cm².

The product base of Whitenista Foundation is formulated with active whitening agents that offer coverage for the skin.
Contains active whitening agent tranexamic acid.

Brings a smooth appearance to the skin surface for a pore-free* finish.

*Visual effect created by makeup
Images are for illustrative purposes only

Loaded with the unique benefits of whitening foundation

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Apply without primer for effortless perfection

Use your middle and ring fingers.
Place foundation in the center of both cheeks, and blend outward with a light touch.

Blend with two fingers.

Your middle and ring fingers combined provide just enough pressure for a flawless result.

Apply an extra layer to areas with uneven skin tone

Repeat the application for the cheekbones and other areas prone to UV-induced damage.

Foundation campaign 2019

EXAGE WHITE Whitening Powder giveaway!

From February 18 (Mon), 2019
Free gift of “EXAGE WHITE Whitening Powder (3.5 g) Quasi-drug“ with purchases of 5,000 yen (w/o tax) or more that include ALBION foundations..

* Also applicable to purchases of Smartskin White Rare Kit 2019 (limited-edition product).
* Not applicable to purchases of EXCIA Foundations.
*Limited to one free gift per customer. Offer is subject to availability.

*This campaign does not apply to Duty Free Shops in Kansai International Airport and Haneda Airport