eclafutur d

Product Information/ 商品信息

Guards the skin against environmental aggressors and prevents the accumulation of damage. A “booster serum” for tomorrow and the future.
保护肌肤不受周围环境的伤害,预防损伤的累积。面向明天 面向未来“起步的美容液” 。

ECLAFUTUR d (Serum/精华液)
40ml| 10,000 yen/ 日元 (w/o tax/税前)
[Refill 9,500 yen/ 日元 (w/o tax/税前)]
60ml| 14,000 yen/ 日元(w/o tax/税前)
[Refill 13,500 yen/ 日元
(w/o tax/税前)]

Amazingly fast penetration for instant benefits


All beauty begins here.

<How to use/ 使用方法>
Use after face wash. Take 2 or 3 pumps on the palm and massage into the entire face.

Painstakingly selected active ingredients/ 精选美容精华成分

Vitis ficifolia var. ganebu hatus, a wild grape known for extraordinary vitality.(Vitis ficifolia leaf extract<*)

“强劲生命力的葡萄” 琉球紫葛(蘡薁藤叶精华*)

*Moisturizer/ 保湿成分

Cupuacu butter, a gift from nature (Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter*)

“上天赐予的礼物”古朴阿苏果籽油 (大花可可树籽脂*)

*Moisturizer/ 保湿成分

"Nanocesta EX*"

Quickly and directly, to the heart of beauty

A cutting-edge delivery mechanism applied to skincare. Nanocesta EX is Albion’s newest original ingredient, developed for more efficient delivery of active agents extracted from select plant ingredients.

*Vitis ficifolia var. ganebu leaf extract, Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, oligopeptide-56 amide PEG-75 methyl ether