A rich skin lotion generously packed with multipurpose skin benefits and formulated with original active ingredients newly developed out of the natural goodness of Shirakami-Sanchi, a World Heritage site in Japan.


160ml 13,000 yen/ 日元 (w/o tax/税前)
80ml 7,000 yen/ 日元 (w/o tax/税前)

How to use/使用方法
Apply to the whole face with a cotton pad, or with your hands.

marie claire beaute Award/ 大奖:
Dubbed the “Oscars of beauty products,” the marie claire beaute Award is an international beauty product award hosted by French magazine Marie Claire. Flora Drip won a 2020 marie claire beaute Japan prize.
marie claire beaute大奖,是法国marie claire杂志主办的世界级美容大奖,也被誉为化妆品业界的奥斯卡金像奖。FLORA DRIP荣获marie claire beaute大奖2020的日本奖。


"MYURAT™*,” an original ingredient newly developed by Albion/新开发出澳尔滨独家美容成分“MYURAT™*”
Exclusive to FLORA DRIP, “MYURAT™*” is a highly dependable active ingredient formulated to deliver daily skincare benefits. It is obtained by fermenting five select plant ingredients with pure white “Shirakami” koji.
用纯白麴素“白神”将五种严选植物发酵而成的专供FLORA DRIP使用的发酵液。给每日的素肌送去美丽的强有力的美容成分。

* Aspergillus; Capillary wormwood and Cornflower flower, leaf and stem; Artemisia montana, Melissa (lemon balm) and Thyme leaf and stem fermented broth [moisturizer]
* 曲霉/((茵陈蒿/矢车菊)花/叶/茎/(魁蒿/香水薄荷/百里香)叶/茎)发酵液[保湿成分]

Five select plant ingredients/五种严选植物
Grown without agrochemicals at Albion’s own research lab located at the foot of Shirakami-Sanchi in Akita Prefecture.

Pure white “Shirakami” koji/纯白麴素“白神”
Shirakami” is a rare, pure white koji discovered and grown in Shirakami-Sanchi in Akita Prefecture.

Seven ideal skin qualities/7种可期待的美肌功效