What is ALBION Chiffon?

ALBION Chiffon is a liquid powder foundation, that combines the ease of face powder foundation with the perfection of liquid foundation finish. Airy-light powder particles fit close to the skin without dryness, delivering flawless perfection with a single stroke. ALBION Chiffon is a foundation for quick application, beautiful results, and long-lasting moisture.

A powder foundation with the moisturizing properties of liquid foundation

ALBION Chiffon combines the portability of powder with the coverage and hydrating properties of liquid. The key is in the “liquid dry” production method, which involves soaking powder particles in moisturizing ingredients before slowly and gently pressing them into shape. This production method achieves a powder foundation capable of delivering smoother results in the form of “Chiffon skin” that is well moisturized on the inside and soft and silky on the outside.

"Liquid-dry" manufacturing process

Update your base makeup
for summer

A Chiffon for summer has been a goal of the series since it was first created.

Resistance to sweat and sebum is an essential requirement for summer foundation. Chiffon, on the other hand, prides itself on its remarkably moisturizing feel. The new Summer Chiffon represents a miraculous marriage between these two seemingly conflicting properties.

Almost 10 years in the making, Summer Chiffon conceals a passion for quality and performance under an impeccably cool visage.

Achieve the coveted
"Chiffon skin"

The airy powder helps the skin to achieve a light and soft finish. Non-drying like liquid, the foundation also delivers effortless coverage to problem areas. It only takes one light glide over the skin for ALBION Chiffon liquid powder foundation to achieve its signature promise: airy-soft and flawless chiffon skin that stays beautiful and moisturized for hours.