Gift your loved ones
with Skin Conditioner
Present your family & friends the gift of hydrated, healthy skin this festive season. Suitable for all ages, gender and lifestyle.
Amidst the busy holiday season of feasting and partying which can take a toll on the skin, Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask E is the perfect gift to relieve stressed skin and improve skin condition.
Organic Kita no Hato –
the Selected Ingredient
After 20 years of devoted research, ALBION arrived at the Kita no Hato variety of Job’s tears. Kita no Hato is a hardy, vitality-rich Job’s tears—a plant native to temperate and tropical Asia—developed by cultivating the plant in frigid Hokkaido. Kita no Hato is the only variety of Japanese-grown Job’s tears approved in Japan for use as the herbal medicine Yi Yi Ren.

The Kita no Hato used in Skin Conditioner is organic, having been successfully produced in fields meeting Organic JAS Standards set by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Skin Conditioner uses only organic Kita no Hato grown with painstaking care by contract producers with experience and expertise. Grown as naturally as possible with minimal agricultural chemicals, Kita no Hato is a natural blessing packed with the vitality and power of plants.
Six Skin Benefits
For healthy and strong skin, Skin Conditioner regulates skin turnover and brings six benefits.
Cleanses skin and makes it fresh and bright
Smooths skin
Normalizes metabolic rhythm
Smooths fine lines and restores firmness to skin
Pleasantly hydrates for a refreshing, comfortable feel
Prevent Pimples
Removes sebum, leaving skin comfortably free of greasiness
Less Trouble
Prevents flushes with a cool sensation
Product Information
ALBION’s long-selling lotion.
A lifelong companion for hydrated, healthy skin.
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The fine, rich foam gently washes while treating the skin.
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