A totally innovative, zero powdery feel foundation
Original “Melting” powders infuse into the skin for a soft sheen.

○ Novel product texture means it “melts” into the skin with zero powdery feel
Powder particles obtained using a proprietary production method effortlessly dissolve into the skin like powder snow for a snug fit.

○ Immaculately smooth finish
Delivers surface smoothness by offering flawless coverage without any powdery feel for textural and tonal unevenness as well as for pores.

○ Soft sheen
Neither matte nor gloss, the product delivers a soft sheen that seems to radiate from naturally glowing skin.


SPF12 PA++

How to use
Apply over skin conditioned with a makeup primer. Using the dedicated sponge, apply and spread the foundation evenly over the entire face, starting from the cheeks. When transferring the foundation onto the sponge, swipe the cake lightly in one direction only.