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What is ALBION Balancing Milk?

Applying Balancing Milk first thing after washing the face is ALBION’s tried and tested recommendation. This method ensures freshly washed skin is quickly replenished with what it wants most. In perfecting its skincare, ALBION has gone beyond the boundaries of conventional rules and thinking. Beauty delivered by ALBION begins with Balancing Milk, a procedure that hasn’t changed since the company was established.

“Milk First”

"Milk First" is a skin care method unique to ALBION in which one of our Balancing Milks is used after cleansing before other products.

Balancing Milks, designed to be used post-cleanse, are formulated to give your skin the ideal balance of moisture, unlocking your skin's true beauty right before your eyes.

  • Supple skin - For soft, supple skin with elasticity
  • Brighter skin - Eliminates dullness
  • Poreless skin - For smooth, refined skin texture
  • Smooth skin - Preparing skin for makeup application
  • Protected skin - For balanced skin unaffected by season orenvironment
  • Touchable skin - For completely comfortable skin without any shininess

The Key to “Milk First”

The Best Timing

Although your face is clean after washing, part of the stratum corneum is also shed, making your skin delicate and prone to losing moisture and oils.
It is vital to promptly fix your skin’s moisture balance in order to poperly care for the stratum corneum.

The Best Moisture Balance

ALBION Balancing Milk is made with a balance of moisture close to that of the stratum corneum in order to deliver the nutrients your faces needs after cleansing and create a perfectly moisturized stratum corneum.

“Milk First” to create the optimum balance of moisture in your stratum corneum.

Three pumps to give your skin the moisture it needs

ALBION Balancing Milk is designed to thoroughly moisturize from the surface of the skin down through the whole stratum corneum, which can have as many as 10 layers. This is why three pumps (one teaspoonful) of Balancing Milk are necessary with every application.

Apply with a cotton pad for a complete delivery to the entire stratum corneum

The skin’s surface is finely grained and covered with pores. Using a cotton pad to apply Balancing Milk is more effective than applying by hand because it ensures even, efficient delivery of humectants to the entire stratum corneum.