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Resolves all skin troubles
Immediate improvement,
for eternal beauty.

Skincare Benefits
for Beautiful Skin

  • Prevents
  • Tightens
  • Dewy
  • Improves skin
  • Smoother
  • Brighter

SKIN CONDITIONER ESSENTIAL regulates the epidermal metabolism to help skin recover from a wide variety of skin problems and restore it to a healthy, beautiful condition.

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Metabolic rhythm and Skin condition

Metabolic rhythm is too fast
  • Redness
  • Pimples
  • Makeup doesn’t stay on well
  • Rough skin
  • Sensitive
  • Corneocytes are immature, and the barrier function of the stratum corneum drops
Metabolic rhythm is too slow
  • Dried・Fine wrinkles
  • Sagging
  • Makeup doesn’t stay on well
  • Dullness
  • Dark spots・freckles
  • Insufficient water retention
  • Stagnant melanin decomposition
Healthy Metabolicsm
  • Healthy
  • Strong
  • Enough ability to maintain moisture
  • Properly repair UV damages
  • Proper skin cells turnover

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ALBION's sustained focus on Job's tears

The story of “Organic Kita no Hato”*

Job’s tears, the key ingredient of Skin Conditioner, is a plant usually found in tropical regions of Asia. The Job’s tears variety known as Kita no Hato is a hardy, vitality-rich grain developed by cultivating the plant in the frigid climate of Japan's Hokkaido region. Kita no Hato is the only variety of Japanese-grown Job’s tears approved in Japan for use as the herbal medicine Yokuinin.
The Kita no Hato used in ALBION products is organic, having been successfully produced on ALBION's farm in Hokkaido that is certified as meeting the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for Organic Plants. Grown as close to nature as possible, Kita no Hato is packed with natural goodness and vitality.

* Organic means meeting the "Organic JAS" standards set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan.

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ALBION's unique
extraction method

Job's tears seed extract*1

The seeds of Job's tears are very hard, even after the husk has been removed. Therefore, a unique process called “blasting” has been employed in order to extract the most concentrated ingredients from Kita no Hato.


Seeds of Job’s tears

Job's tears seed extract oil*2

By husking and polishing the seeds right before the extraction process, we are able to extract oil that is less prone to environmental damage caused by temperature and humidity, among others, enabling us to produce oil that is always fresh.


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Skicon Lineup

ALBION's long-selling lotion, a lifelong companion for healthy, beautiful skin.

Voice of Users

I noticed my skin feeling fresher with a noticeable glow after immediate usage of Albion skin conditioner. It spreads and penetrated into skin very quicky and it doesn't feel sticky either which is great for me with oily skin especially under Malaysia's hot and humid weather. My skin is now brighter and smoother!
( 35 / Female )
My skin was getting rough with lots of breakouts from wearing surgical mask lately. I used Albion Skin Conditioner as a mask for 8 to 10 mins before going to bed on a daily basis for a week and things just subsided noticeably. Pores size reduced, skin is softer and brighter than how it was before. Highly recommend this product if you have acne prone skin problem like me!
( 23 / Female )
I have been using Albion Skin Conditioner for 17 years. Thanks to the repairing and soothing botanical ingredients- Jobs tear, it increases the skin's natural healing power, restores disrupted turnover cycles to normal and keeps the skin healthy. Skin Conditioner definitely my face saviour & my beauty secret!
( 41 / Female )

The Perfect Duo -
Balancing Milk and SkiCon

Replenishes moisture

Apply Balancing Milk right after facial cleansing

"Well-balanced moisture" is what the skin needs most after cleansing.
ALBION's Balancing Milk is formulated to resemble the moisture balance of the stratum corneum in a healthy condition, for it to absorb quickly into freshly-cleansed skin. Leaving the skin soft and supple, it facilitates the absorption of skincare products that follow.

After Facial Cleansing
Rough and Dry
Ideal Skin
Stratum corneum is
full of moisture

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Restores the skin
to its natural healthy state

Perfect the skin with Skin Conditioner

Refreshing with a watery texture, Skin Conditioner leaves the skin feeling smooth and dewy as soon as it penetrates the whole stratum corneum.
It restores problem skin to a healthy and beautiful condition.

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