and firm skin, 
emitting light 
from within 
Taking your skin's beauty a step higher with ALBION’s exquisite masterpiece. 
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Exposure to fluctuations in temperature, moving from the outdoor heat to the indoor chill, dryness from air conditions, and other changing environmental conditions can disrupt the delicate balance of your skin.The root cause lies in the diminished production of a vital moisturizing component in the stratum corneum, known as Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), weakening your skin's protective barrier and affecting not only the skin surface, but also the deeper layers.Albion's skincare is formulated to enhance and maintain a well-balanced complexion, resilient against the challenges of environmental stressors.

Damaged skin

Well-balanced skin

Essential Skincare
for  a Well-Balanced

Derma Pump Milk, embodying our founding tradition of prioritizing a balancing milk-first skincare regime, paired with our Skin Conditioner, a beloved bestseller since 1974, stand as our signature duo. Together, these two products instantly and reliably deliver moisture to your skin, strengthening its barrier and enhancing firmness.

  • Cleanser
    Face Wash


  • Balancing Milk


  • Lotion



  • Serum


Daily care

Balances moisture levels
in the stratum corneum
and provides uplifting
firmness after cleansing

Used after cleansing, the balancing milk is absorbed into every layer of the stratum corneum, penetrating deeply to replenish lost oils and moisture.

A specially formulated
lotion to restore normal
epidermal turnover

Helps restore metabolic rhythm to skin that is prone to losing its balance with seasonal and environmental changes, preventing skin irritation and dryness.

6 Key Benefits of
and Skin
Conditioner Duo
  • 1
    Soft and hydrated
  • 2
    Taut firmness
  • 3
    Silky smooth
  • 4
    Bright and clear
  • 5
  • 6
    Unnoticeable pores
Special care
to take your skin beauty
a step higher

Enhance your daily routine with our special care skincare range. Adaptable to your specific skin concerns and pursuit of the ideal complexion, to take well-balanced skin a step higher.

Protect your skin
from daily damage

Guard your skin against oxidative stress damage caused by stress, lack of sleep, and UV rays.

Infuse your skin
with a vibrant radiance

Revitalizes skin prone to fatigue, leaving it moisturized and infused with a lustrous, vibrant radiance. A multi-purpose oil for hair, hands, and body.

your ageless beauty

A versatile skin essence infused with MYURAT™ to comprehensively address the signs of aging.