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The eyebrows are given a clearly defined brow line, while contouring around the nose sculpts the facial features. Eyeliner is also applied around the entire eye, and a gradient of dark brown eye shadow is applied to the outer corner for added depth. A slightly slanting application of blush sharpens the face line.
To achieve an alluring pout, the lips are lined with red lipstick using a lip brush. A second coat is applied to increase the colour intensity too. Lastly, La Poudre V is then dusted on with a brush for greater luster and dimensionality.
It looks very attractive. Which products did you use?

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It’s magical, isn’t it?
La Poudre is an extremely outstanding product. I believe a healthy and active-looking kind of elegance is the way forward for today’s women.


Thank you, Miyazawa-san. It has been such a revelation to experience how effective La Poudre can be for adding extra depth or variation to makeup.
As a makeup artist, my role is to help people discover a new sense of self through makeup. I hope more and more aspiring beauties will achieve this by discovering and using La Poudre Haute Nuance.